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Karen Garza is a follower of Jesus Christ. God gave her a passion for science and the pursuit of learning coupled with a gift for teaching.

She is a wife, mom of five (we now have two covenant sons), grandmother of two, and a home school veteran (since 1991) who is passionate about claiming science back for God. 

Come join the journey!


Karen has a vision of science being a tool to use to reveal the intricacies of God to students who in turn can use their knowledge to share the wonders and proofs of God that exist in our universe and are revealed through science. 

Teaching and instructing others has always been and continues to be a ministry and a privilege to Karen and she lives to be used by God to bring Him honor and glory.


Joey and Karen became covenant partners in November of 1981.  Their union led to the......

Penny, our 1st

Jennifer, our 2nd

Esther, our (you guessed it) 3rd    :0)


Antoine became a part of our family in 2013 when he married Jennifer.

Our next one was grafted in 2016 when Shay betrothed Esther.


Taiya Jo and Maylee Jae belong to Jennifer and Antoine; 5 years old and 2 years old, respectively.


Mrs. Karen Lee railey garza

Revelation Science has ministered to the home school community since 2005!!  It was born out of a need for a biology class for Karen's daughter, Jennifer.  Over the years a business was formed.