revelation science classes

taught by Mrs. Karen Lee railey garza

Looking for a high school home school science course + lab?

Karen Garza teaches Biology, Chemistry, Anatomy, & Physics classes utilizing the Apologia curriculum, PLUS new this year is IPC .

These courses are offered on one of the following three campuses -

The Woodlands (HIS), Magnolia (The Training Center - TTC), and The Woodlands (Revelation Science - RS).


Karen Garza has added a Jr. High class at The Woodlands (HIS) campus.  

​It is a two year rotation, so make sure to check out which one is being offered.

Science is the window into the awesomeness of our God!

In 1997, the ICARE home school support group had a vision for students to have a forum in which to communicate visually and verbally what they learned while pursuing an in depth study of an area of science that enabled the student to learn more about their Creator and of His creation.

From this the Northside Science Fair was birthed, which became the Texas Regional Science Fair in 2007.

Joey and Karen Garza were the administrators of the fair for 20 years and still have a vision for all home school students, especially high school, to participate.

The fair is held annually at the end of March or the beginning of April at Lonestar College Beckendorf Conference Center in Tomball, Texas.

Get involved, get it on the calendar, and participate!!

FYI -  For the 2019-20 School Year, participating in a science fair is not required for my biology course, but is highly encouraged.

Texas Regional Science Fair - web site

The focus of Mrs. Garza's teaching is mastery of the material with a deeper understanding and appreciation of God and of science along with a focus on teamwork amongst the students.  

These classes ARE challenging, but worth the effort.

Please note that accountability is focused on as a life skill, so students are expected to maintain their weekly course work in order to remain in the class.

texas regional science fair

open to k to 12 grade home school students

Revelation Science

Home  school  high  school  science  classes - Plus 1 jr. high