Class size: Min. 8 students, max. 14.

Tuition:  Due on the 1st, $55/month for 10 months +


Lab Fee: $40 lab fee per semester, due July 1st & January 1st. 

Late Fee: Payment is late after the 10th; $10 late fee charged.

Payment Mailing Address: 7327 Root Rd, Spring, TX 77389 (Made out to Karen Garza)

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Apologia curriculum - Exploring Creation with Advanced Biology: The Human Body, 2nd Edition


Book set (text + solutions manual); PLUS - Kaplan Anatomy Coloring Book, 5th Edition PLUS Items on Supply List


Anatomy is hands on with lots of dissections, microscope labs, & Coloring Book Exercises.  It is science at its best.  Dissections are often exploratory in nature, so students are expected to be familiar with dissection procedures.  The Coloring Book Exercises are probably the most important 'lab' exercises for the student to perform and can be time intensive. This is the same coloring book used in many university Anatomy and Physiology classes.  The course is set up to help teach students how to implement study and organizational tools for their future college courses, while honing their teamwork skills. ​

TIME COMMITMENT: This course is challenging.  Per text – one hour or more per school day; however, it can vary greatly for each individual student.  This time frame does NOT take into consideration the time needed to complete the Coloring Book exercises.  Time  is one of the many things addressed at our


A higher level of accountability is incorporated into the course.  To maintain enrollment, students must follow through on weekly assignments.  A vital component of the course grade evaluation is following instructions and keeping work organized. 

It begins at the required Student & Parent  Orientation. 

Our Orientation is the week before classes start.

Revelation Science

Home  school  high  school  science  classes - Plus 1 jr. high


There are 16 modules, which translate into 32 weeks of work over 30 weeks, so students have a reading and work assignment to complete prior to our first class in the Fall AND Spring semester.

Students are given an outline of coursework required to complete as school work, which includes the student correcting and grading work that is turned in for review.  Participation in an approved science fair is optional for additional credit.  Another vital component is the student’s notebook where all of the course work is to be filed weekly. 

Notebooks are a major part of the course.  Advice – Do not get behind!

The focus is mastery of the subject and the best way to learn is to do; therefore the course incorporates two outside projects that count twice; one as a project grade and one as the module test.  Students receive a Project Packet in advance, which includes the scoring system and an outline of what work to accomplish.

The text covers both the anatomy & the physiology of the human body’s 11 organ systems in detail.  Labs cover topics such as salivary glands, epithelials, the dermis and epidermis, hair follicles, bone tissue, skeletal muscle tissue, neurons and neuroglia and much more.  Dissections for this course include a cow’s eye, a pig’s heart, and a fetal pig.  Additional dissections are added to enhance the curriculum.  The Coloring Book Exercises contain detailed drawings of all of the anatomy the student needs to learn in this course.  Combined with biology, the two courses together cover most of the "advanced placement" (AP) curriculum.  With some additional prep, such as Princeton's "Cracking the AP Biology" or "Cracking the CLEP Biology" study books, students can best prepare to take the biology AP or CLEP test.  

Schoology is the platform used for assignments and communication between the teacher and student, so access to a computer and printer are essential to this class. 

Looking forward to our exciting adventure as we do this together!


Mrs. Karen Lee railey garza

11th-12th, college preparatory - 2.5 hours

Thursdays, RS, The Woodlands campus, 9:30 am - Noon

FYI - Physics and Anatomy rotate each year.


Biology & Chemistry (Does not have to be Apologia)

If a student has not completed biology & chemistry, approval must be obtained from the teacher prior to registration.