Class size: Min. 8 students, max. 14

Tuition:  Due on the 1st, $55/month for 10 months +

Late Fee: Payment is late after the 10th; $10 late fee charged

HIS campus

  • Lab Fee: $70 lab fee for year, due July 1st +
  • Building Fee: $30 fee per semester, due July 1st & January 1st 

TTC campus

  • Lab Fee: $35 lab fee per semester, due July 1st & January 1st. 

​Payment Mailing Address: 7327 Root Rd, Spring, TX 77389 (Made out to Karen Garza)

Registration:  Please fill out the

MONDAY Revelation Science Registration Form  OR

TUESDAY Revelation Science Registration Form  

& mail with fees

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There are 16 modules, which translate into 32 weeks of work to cover in 30 weeks, so students have a reading and work assignment to complete prior to our first class in the Fall AND Spring semester.

Students are given an outline of coursework required to complete as school work, which includes the student correcting and grading work that is turned in for review.  Participation in an approved science fair is optional for additional credit.  Another vital component is the student’s notebook where all of the course work is to be filed weekly. 

Notebooks are a major part of the course.  Advice – Do not get behind!

The focus of the course is mastery of the subject and the best way to learn is to do; therefore two outside projects are incorporated.  The projects are a vital part of the course grade.  Students receive project packets, which include the scoring system and an outline of what work to accomplish each week.  The Fall semester project covers the Periodic Table then Building an Atom is the project for the Spring semester, which will also include a short presentation.  The course covers significant figures, units, classification, the mole concept, stoichiometry, thermochemistry, thermodynamics, kinetics, acids and bases, redox reactions, solutions, atomic structure, Lewis structures, molecular geometry, the gas laws, and equilibrium.

Schoology is the platform used for assignments and communication between the teacher and student, so access to a computer and printer are essential to this class. 

Looking forward to our exciting adventure as we do this together!


A higher level of accountability is now incorporated into the course.  To maintain enrollment, students must follow through on weekly assignments.  A vital component of the course grade evaluation is following instructions and keeping work organized.  

It begins at the required Student & Parent Orientation. 

For HIS campus, class begins a week early due to having Labor Day off and orientation is the week before our first class.

All TTC classes have orientations the week prior to the 1st class.  My orientation is longer and it will be worked in between other ones that day.  The time for this is TBA. 

FYI for TTC Classes - Our Student & Parent Orientation is in the midst of a full day or orientations, so please set this day aside to make sure you are available for all of the ones that pertain to your family.

Revelation Science

Home  school  high  school  science  classes - Plus 1 jr. high


Mrs. Karen Lee railey garza

10th-12th, college preparatory - 2.5 hours

Mondays, HIS, The Woodlands campus, 8:45 - 11:15 am

Tuesdays, TTC,1488 campus, 12:30 - 3:00 pm


Apologia curriculum - Exploring Creation with Chemistry, 2nd Edition

(USING 2ND EDITION – do not buy 3rd; Book set & companion CD available to rent)​


Scientific Calculator REQUIRED (Student brings calculator to EACH class); Book set (text + solutions manual) [Rental: $50, which includes $20 refundable deposit] & companion CD; PLUS Items on Supply List

2019-20: This course incorporates math with science. 

A good working knowledge of algebra is needed.  It is a college and work force preparatory class that is formatted to train students accordingly.  The course is set up to help teach students how to learn and how to study.  It is challenging, but fosters teamwork and class unity. 

Those who suffer together grow close!

TIME COMMITMENT: This course is challenging.  Per text – 45 to one hour per school day; however, it can vary greatly for each individual student.  This is one of the many things addressed at our