Revelation Science

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Life Science is a phenomenal way to get an overview of the different aspects of the living creatures and plants that God created and put on this earth.  The text introduces plant features and flower families.  It also builds upon the systems of the body and how all these systems work together to help our bodies function.  It also teaches about marsupials and other mammals; flight motions of birds; types of scales on fish; dinosaurs and similar types of reptiles; and the anatomy of amphibians. Included to read are discussions about the helpful aspects of insects, classifications within microbiology, and functions of forests.  Features incorporated: Section and Chapter Reviews, bold terms (vocab), over 250 labeled pictures and charts, and prompts for investigations and demonstrations to show how all of these living elements work together within God’s wonderful world. (Text details from Christianbook website)

Students are given an outline of course work required to complete as school work, which includes the student correcting and grading work that is turned in for review.  Participation in an approved science fair is optional for additional credit.  Another vital component is the student’s notebook where all of the course work is to be filed weekly. 

Notebooks are an integral part of the course. 

Schoology is the platform used for assignments and communication between the teacher and student, so access to a computer and printer are essential to this class. 

Looking forward to our exciting adventure as we do this together!