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yep!!    a required orientation for my students & parents!

2019-2020 Orientation Schedule 

Text or email August reminders are sent with confirmed dates & times 

Monday   8-12-19   with  HIS - Woodlands Campus - Northplace Church 
Chemistry   8:45 am-11:15 am
(Integrated Physics & Chemistry)   11:45 am-2:00 pm (Note: Class time is 12:00-2:00)
Life Science   2:30 pm-4:30 pm

Tuesday   8-20-19   with  TTC - 1488 Campus - Koinonia church
Biology   TBA
Chemistry   TBA

Thursday   with   8-22-19   with  Revelation Science (RS) - Woodlands Campus - Creekside Bible Church
Anatomy & Physiology (Advanced Biology)   9:30 am-12:00 pm

My classes are not typical.  We have a lot of fun while learning, but there is a system of study.  It is the one recommended by Dr. Wile, the author of most of my textbooks.  It is not difficult, BUT it is new and BOTH the Student and Parent need to understand how it works.

Orientation time is 2-2.5 hours and I use every minute.  It is not just me talking, so be prepared to interact.  This gives my students the opportunity to meet their lab partners and get past the awkwardness of  first time meetings, especially since we will jump right in full throttle our first class.  It gives parents an understanding of what to expect and is needed to be my accountability partner.  Lastly, students get their first assignment and directions on how to put their very vital notebook together.  In fact the Orientation Packet that is handed out that details what is presented is the first thing each student gets to put in to their notebook!  

This is a critical meeting that establishes the school year. 

Typically the Orientation is held at the time and location of the class you registered for takes place.  Schedule is posted by August. 

If there is a conflict with attending, please contact the teacher to work out what you will need to do.

**Details on the Student and Parent Orientation are sent out via email in August, so make sure to contact the teacher if you have not gotten it!!**


  • HIS Classes - The Woodlands Campus - Monday classes begin a week before all  other classes, because we have Labor Day OFF.   Our Orientation is ONE WEEK before our class. 

  • TTC Classes - 1488 Campus - ONE WEEK BEFORE our first class.  All TTC classes will have Orientation this week.  My orientation is longer and it will be worked in between other ones that day.  The time for this is TBA.  

    • ​FYI for TTC Classes - Our Student & Parent Orientation is in the midst of a full day or orientations, so please set this day aside to make sure you are available for all of the ones that pertain to your family.

  • RS Classes - The Woodlands Campus - ONE WEEK BEFORE our first class.