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old school home school teaching philosophy

Karen Garza, wife, mom, grandma (AKA GriGri), & home school veteran, learned many years ago from Hank Tate, well-renowned speaker and home school dad, that our academics are a tool to teach character and to help mold a student's life to the calling God has placed on them.  

These courses teach high school science, plus now junior high science, but more importantly they are dedicated to the Lord and His teaching us through the science He created more about Him and about ourselves.   They will also help students prepare for college and the workforce by students being held responsible for their assignments and learning how to follow instructions, as well as the biblical principle of sowing and reaping (aka what you put in is what you get out).

The objective is for students to learn and not just get a grade.  

Students are given an outline of course work required to complete at home each week.  This includes grading and correcting selected portions of their work.   This independent study is followed by class, which consists of some lecture interspersed with a lab.  The lecture is intended to solidify what the student completed during the week to prepare them for the lab.  

All work is kept organized.  In a notebook for high school students that is graded in the Fall and Spring semester.  Oddly enough, this is the one skill set that benefits my students long term.  This is what I get thank you calls about.  My junior high students method of organization varies, but is also evaluated.

Parents, your assistance is vital.  Parents, you are my accountability partners.  Your task is to simply let me know your student did their work in a yes and no format set up on our Student Check Sheet.  When you help me, it in turn helps your student do their best.   An added benefit, actions speak the loudest, so when your student sees you follow guidelines, they in turn follow your example.  It is awesome!

Photo by Melanie Fenwick